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In the Spotlight: PS Beauty Blog

In the Spotlight this week, we are talking to Tiffany, owner/author of PS Beauty Blog!

What is your blog about?
The PS Beauty Blog is all about beauty, fashion and modeling. I post beauty and style how-to’s, news and trends, product reviews, giveaways and photos from my life as an editor, makeup artist and model.

What got you into blogging about beauty?

I started blogging about beauty to share my passion (and experience) with other women. I love makeup and have been a makeup artist for almost 15 years. I love being able to help women feel beautiful and find a look they really love. 

What beauty item can you not live without?
Wow…this is a tough one for me. I can’t live without all of my beauty items lol. I definitely can’t live without my EF | STUDIO Concealer and my LashControl Volumizing Mascara. Those two are must-haves for me.

What item would you love to eventually review?
I love reviewing all beauty products but with all of this year’s changing hair trends, I would like to review some new hair styling tools and products.

What beauty advice can you give?
The best beauty advice I can give to every women is to find beauty within yourself. Every woman can be pretty with makeup. Not all women are pretty inside and out. If you are beautiful person on the inside, you will be beautiful on the outside. Adding makeup is just the icing on the cake.

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