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Awesome News!

We have some exciting news to announce here at Edge of Insanity! Since Twin has to switch to a gluten-free diet, I have decided to let her review gluten-free foods (among other things, of course!) for you! Since I don't know anything about that, I figured she would be the best person to go to.

I chose her not only because we're twins. I chose her because her writing style is witty. She has a GREAT sense of humor. She has a set list of what she likes and doesn't like. When we buy milk, she wants soy milk while I can't resist the cow. She's very thorough when reviewing something new. If its food, she'll eat it several times just to make sure. If its something you wear, she'll wear it a couple of hours so she'll know what the best features are. In fact, when she bought the mask at Walmart, she wore it for an hour that afternoon because she loved it so much.

So lets give Amanda (aka Twin) a great big welcome!

Welcome Twin!

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