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Is there an alternative to pierced ears? We think so!

Thanks to EarZings for the partnership. All thoughts/opinions are my own. Your experience may differ.

I don't have pierced ears. Not because I'm afraid of needles or against having pierced ears. But I have always wanted to look of having pierced ears without going through the process.

EarZings are a great alternative to pierced ears, clip-ons, and magnetic earrings. With a patent-pending technology, you essentially just slide the earrings on. It's also great for girls whose friends have pierced ears but don't have pierced ears themselves but want that "pierced ears" look.

So how do EarZings work? It is a patent coil design for a painless earring-wearing experience - without the pain of going through a piercing. In fact, they are easy to put on! (You can also watch a how-to video here.)

They have a lot of wonderful styles available for girls ages 5+ to even styles women will love. I mean, just check out these cute Hootie EarZings! Teens and tweens who love owls will love these. They're adorable!

Shown: Papillon & Hootie

My personal favorite is the Starlet, which are twinkly silver stars that would be perfect for date night or even the holidays.

If you like the look of dangle earrings, EarZings also has Dangles Attachments (sold separately, which you slide onto your EarZings for an enhanced look for your EarZings. The Irish girl in me is loving the emerald green Capri Peridot Dangles!

For those looking for gift ideas, you can also get gift sets including a pair of EarZings and a matching necklace in different styles.

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You can purchase Ahoy EarZings for $15. EarZings are also sold at specialty shops. Use their store locator to see if it's available in your area.


Like I said, I don't have pierced ears but I've always wanted that look without going through the whole process of getting my ears pierced. I couldn't wait to try out EarZings!

At first glance, my Ahoy EarZings were a beautiful blue. I was kind of intimidated on how to use them, but after a few minutes of figuring it out, I successfully put them on. The great thing about these is that I could hardly feel them! Seriously, I forgot I was wearing them. After putting them on a few times over the next following week or so, it was a breeze to put them on and where to place them.

I know it's a bit blurry but this is how they look from the side.
I've had a lot of fun finding what outfits and hairstyles they go with. I noticed that they look amazing in a black shirt (like the one I'm wearing in the picture above) and a ponytail. It looks so classic! My friend, who knows I don't have pierced ears, said I looked like I was ready for a date. 

I can't wait to see  how they look with different clothes and hairstyles. I'm thinking an up-do with a pretty dress or pantsuit for the holidays... Or that date.

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