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Intensive Hair Mask by #Shielo is now part of my hair routine!

Intensive Hair Mask
For women, having healthy hair is important. When your hair is dry or damaged from dyeing or chemicals, it can take a toll on your self- esteem and how you feel.

Intensive Hair Mask from Shielo is an intensive for your hair that instantly repairs dry, chemically treated, or damaged hair  to make it look healthy and moisturized using certified organic extracts, complex peptides and highly moisturizing agents. For normal hair, you use it once a week. For damaged hair, twice a week until your hair is restored.

Shielo is known for their organic hydrating shampoos and conditioners. They use natural-based ingredients that contain no GMOs, and it must be harvested from sustainable environments to bring you the highest quality possible.

Since everyone seems to be dyeing their hair left and right nowadays, it's easy to get damaged hair from it. To keep your great color and strengthen your hair, be sure to check out their Color Protect line. It is formulated to fortify and protect your color without having it go down the drain. (When I could dye my hair and had it red for a while, I would see it go swirling down the drain and say "more pink down the sink".)

They also offer products for hydration, volume, soothing, and even leave-in hair protectant. Be sure to check out their style guides!

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You can purchase Intensive Hair Mask for $49,99.

Intensive Hair Mask after
Shiny hair! (My hair normally looks frizzy as it air dries.)
Many of you know that I use coconut oil to restore my once fried hair after a horrible allergic reaction to hair dye. But sometimes, I don't feel like spending 45 minutes with coconut oil everywhere. I wanted something that was easier, and a bit less messy. So when I had to the chance to give Intensive Hair Mask a whirl, I jumped at the opportunity. I love checking out new ways to keep my hair healthy.

At first glance, the bottle looked small. With medium-length hair, I was thinking there is no way this will cover all of my hair. But to my surprise, I just needed a small amount. It's a little thicker than normal conditioners, but it washes out just as easily.

As my  hair was drying, I had less tangles than I normally would. In fact, I had no tangles right out of the shower. That has only happened once or twice in the past year or so. My hair is considerably softer. It looks free-flowing and not weighted down like some conditioners tend to do. It doesn't look or feel dry. My hair looks great, if I do say so myself!

I'm actually going to include in my hair routine. I plan to use coconut oil a couple of times a week and my Intensive Hair Mask once a week.

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  1. This was interesting. I've seen hair masks but didn't know which type of hair they addressed. I've never stopped long enough to find out. Thank you so much for including the types of hair that will benefit from a hair mask!


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