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Soothe Your Throat With #PineBros!

It's wintertime, which means it's also cold & flu season. Sore throats are bound to follow the cold or flu. Even when you have horrible winter allergies, sore throats can be a problem.

For the longest time, my family has been loyal of Pine Bros Softish Throat Relief. We have tried other throat drops, but the flavor was horrible or it was hard to get relief because it didn't offer the comfort Pine Bros does.

Pine Bros Softish Throat Relief drops are made with natural ingredients including Gum Acacia, natural flavor, and Carnauba Wax. They come in 4 different flavors: Licorice, Wild Cherry, Natural Honey, and their brand new flavor, Lemon Citrus! Available in pucks (Wild Cherry and Natural Honey flavors only) or bags, they soothe the throat and help with coughs.

You can find Pine Bros (which dates all the way back to 1870 and is considered America's firs throat drop) in certain retailers (click here to see the list of retailers) or you can buy them online. (Note: Some people have trouble finding them in their regional stores. FYI: You can purchase them through the Walgreens website.)

They also have t-shirts and 3 children's books!

So if you find yourself with a sore throat, dry throat, or just need to soothe your coughing, be sure to try Pine Bros. Not only are they delicious, they really work!

It is safe for children 3 and over. Allergy Alert: Pine Bros Softish Throat Relief drops are also manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts and tree nuts.

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Wild Honey puck

I have horrible winter allergies. They kick my butt - sneezing, coughing, and just feeling miserable. But the one thing that bothers me is the dry throat. As someone who likes to talk a lot, it's hard to stay in conversation when my throat is dry and scratchy. Not exactly attractive if you're talking to someone you really like.

Like I said, my family love Pine Bros. It's a nice and refreshing change after using other throat drops for years. When I was little, I refused to use the hard drops because it just tasted like medicine. But Pine Bros Softish Throat Relief drops do not taste like medicine! It has a nice natural flavor that makes using them more bearable. The drops are soft - kind of like the gummy candy, only not as soft. On a day I could hardly talk because of my throat, I popped in a Natural Honey drop (my favorite), and within 5 minutes, my throat wasn't as dry and scratchy.

The Wild Cherry tastes like cherry without the yucky medicine taste. I wish I had these when I was little - I wouldn't have minded using them! The Lemon Citrus flavor was okay. It was delicious at first, especially since I love sour flavors. But after a while, it kind of started leaving a bad taste in my mouth. It's not a favorite of mine.

I have pucks (which is a great name for it, by the way! Hockey, anyone?) and bags all over the house, so now one one has a reason to deal with a sore or dry/scratchy throat on their own!

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