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Blogging How-To: Keep your blog organized in 2015!

As bloggers, we strive to keep some sort of organization. There is tons of paperwork, shipping labels, and written drafts everywhere, and trying to reel the mess in is like hanging jello to a wall - it is almost impossible! I am certainly guilty of not keeping my blog stuff organized. But if you're like me, don't fret - there are TONS of ways to keep your blog organized in the new year!

One way to keep everything organized (from reviews to giveaways to earnings and post ideas) is to create a digital "notebook". I use Google Drive to create my spreadsheets, post idea documents, and anything else I need in order to feel a little more organized. In fact, I still have spreadsheets going back to 2012 (just in case).

If you aren't interested in creating all of the documents yourself, there is a wonderful 2015 digital blog planner at Mom's Small Victories!

What if you don't want to keep a digital "notebook"? You don't have to! You can keep an actual notebook. You'll need the follow items:

A large 3-ring binder
Plenty of notebook paper
A pen/cil pouch for binders
Notebook dividers
A printed (or even handwritten) version of a blog organizer & planner (I found a great printable version at Confessions of a Homeschooler!)

Now you have all of the paper stuff (and digital documents) all organized. Wonderful!

What are other simple ways you can keep your blog and all its stuff organized? Besides a notebook (digital or otherwise), you can always turn your mobile device into a blogging machine! Calendars are great for keeping up with deadlines. Last-minute alerts are my blogging life-saver! There are apps for photos, e-mails, social media, list making, writing notes, and even apps for your blogging platforms! It won't help you with that paper stack of product information, but it can make blogging on the go really easy. Later this year, we'll talk about the best apps that bloggers should have.

Keeping your blog organized doesn't have to be difficult. You just have to remember to do it every day!

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  1. I really want to start using Google docs but technology still scares me. LOL So, an actual notebook it is for me right now. :)


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