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Weight Loss Journey: Holiday Update!

Ever since I started losing weight, I knew I would run into trouble once the holidays arrived. I feared that I would gain some weight back and ruin all of the hard work I had done. Well, I have to admit that I did gain a pound or two with Thanksgiving. But I worked hard to make sure I continued losing weight.

Once those days were over with, I decided to pick up running... sort of. Since it is no longer 100* outside, I thought running would be helpful in helping me lose weight. So every day (or almost every day, depending on how I felt), I would run to the end of the street and run back. I know it isn't a lot, but they say that when you start running, start with shorter distances until you are comfortable enough to run longer distances. I still haven't built up the stamina to run past the street (thanks to arthritis), but I will eventually.

My only fear now is Christmas. Almost every year, we go over to my grandmother's house for Christmas Eve, where they have a lot of food. Sometimes there are veggies, But not often and it comes on a platter with delicious dip. But most of the time, it's food you would see at a Christmas party - not exactly helpful when someone is trying to lose weight. Then you have Christmas Day, which is also filled with wonderful food and sweets.

I know I can do it. Thankfully, I can no longer eat like I used to, which I am happy about. But oh, the thought of all that fantastic food is making me hungry.

I almost forgot! I have some great news: I have lost more weight! I would say that I've lost up to another 3-5 pounds. It's a great feeling to see that clothes are starting to become more looser on me, and the energy I have is astounding! Who knew losing weight would bring so much energy?

I think I like losing weight!

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