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How do you handle stress?

We're ending Women's Month on something every woman deals with from time to time: stress. No matter what causes your stress, how you handle it can make life easier or a lot more difficult.

We all know stress can cause health problems like high blood pressure, insomnia, depression/anxiety, migraines or headaches, and digestion issues (like GERD). But there are many ways you can handle stress without running towards medication or therapy.

A friend of mine actually likes to buy office supplies when she is stressed out. Retail therapy can make you feel better and you don't actually have to buy anything. Even making wishlists or window shopping can create a better outlook and it allows your brain to clear and you are able to think of solutions. Just don't overspend or you will have a brand new problem!

One way I personally like to do when I am stressed out is to clean or read a nice romance novel. If I read a serious book, my brain goes into overload and I am once again thinking about my problems. Cleaning allows me to focus on what I am doing instead of what is causing my stress. They both calm me down and relax me, letting my brain thinking of solutions instead of the actual problem.

If you're not very good at handling stress, you probably end up with headaches a lot or loss appetite. When I am really stressed, I hardly eat. Stress just makes my stomach hurt and the thought of food just makes it worse. But not dealing with your stress can actually make your situation worse.

Dealing with your stress is important because once you learn how to deal with it, you can easily adapt to other stressful situations. First, think about what is causing your stress. Second, figure out why it stresses you out so much. Then you need to decide an game plan. What are your options and which one will work out better in the long run? The first few steps are scary- trust me. But once you finally get past your fear of the unknown, it will make the rest of the journey easier, I promise.

Stress is a part of our lives, whether want it to be or not. But how you handle your stress can really make a big difference in you and your family's happiness. Don't let stress defeat you. Instead, think positive and you can overcome any stressful situation!

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