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Can you really be a "Superwoman"?

Definition of Superwoman: A female human that is able to a million things at once and still stay sane while doing it. By that definition, most women are Superwoman, even if they don't want to admit it. To be able to take care of a family, clean the house, cook dinner, run a gazillion errands, and still be able to hold onto a little bit of sanity takes some sort of super powers.

In today's world, women are faced with having to take care of a family, work, and make sure they don't fall apart in the process. But being a "Superwoman" can be difficult- even for those who are used to it. Society is pushing women to the limit of beauty, fitness, and family. So besides feeding a family, it has be be a healthy meal and we have to look beautiful while doing it. I don't think so! I can't tell you how many times I have cooked dinner while still in sweats or when my hair was a mess because I was sick. How many women have tried to cook a nutritious meal while they just want to take some cold and flu medicine and head back to bed? You can't look beautiful while you're blowing your nose constantly. You end up looking like Rudolph cooking noodles.
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When it comes to doing errands and cleaning in the same day, sanity takes a back seat. A few weeks ago, I had a ton of errands to do and I still needed to run a broom across the bedroom floor. You know what I did? I swept half the room, did my errands, came back and finished sweeping. It drove me crazy the whole time I was doing errands that I wasn't able to finish sweeping. I know I could have asked for help but with one broom and a time limit, I didn't have a choice.

What it all comes down to when being a multi-tasking woman is time management, patience, and maybe some wine!

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