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4 life hacks you can't live without!

No matter where you look, you are bound to see "life hacks" that can make your life just a little bit easier. But for some of us, they don't work! I haven't come across a loaf of bread that uses those plastic tabs they did years ago. Nowadays, it's twist-ties. So instead of trying out life hacks I see online, I decided to share my own life hacks that might work for most people.

Hack #1: Silent Ringer
We all have annoying bill collectors and wrong numbers that call at the most inopportune times. For those that call most frequently, Twin had a genius idea! She downloaded a silent ringtone and put those annoying contacts under that ringtone. They call and you don't hear it! You can find a silent ringtone here.

Hack #2: Seed Viability
If you have a seed pack and not sure if they will sprout once you plant them, you can see if they will sprout by doing the seed test! Take a Ziploc baggie, paper towel (or toilet paper- it will still work), and your seeds. Use a spray bottle to dampen the paper towel, fold over, and place your seeds inside the fold. Put the paper towel in the baggie (Be sure you don't close the bag!), and place the bag in a window were it will get plenty of sunlight. After 5 days, check to see if there are any seeds sprouting or starting to crack. If you do, then your seeds will most likely sprout when you plant them.
Boar-bristle brush
Hack #3: Brush It Off!
For those with table fans, nothing is more annoying and harsh on allergies than a dirty fan. But it can be hard to clean off the dust without taking it completely apart. If you're short on time, take a boar-bristle or bottle brush, and run it along the outside of the fan. The boar-bristle brush will work better because it will trap the dust on the bristles and then all you have to do is wash it out. For the blades, just take off the front, and run a wet cloth over the front, back, and sides of the blades. You should be good to go!

Hack #4: Send it to the Kindle
If you are on a tablet but want to send an eBook to your Kindle, you don't have to find it on your Kindle's browser or find a computer to hook your Kindle up to. Your Kindle has an e-mail address! You can send documents and pictures through your Kindle's e-mail address. To find your Kindle address, you can either go to Manage Your Kindle on Amazon or through your Kindle's settings.

Most of these are easy-peasy, and if you already have a boar-bristle brush or Kindle, they are completely FREE! Now those are the kind of hacks I like!

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