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Top 5 Social Media Tips

When it comes to blogging, social media is a must. Nowadays, companies and brands want their names or products blasted over Facebook and Twitter. But it isn't as simple as writing about them in 140 characters.  To use social media effectively, you have to time everything and be interactive. Of course, it doesn't stop there. But the following five tips can help you use social media to your advantage, which ever platform you decide to use:

1. Be interactive. There is nothing worse than a cold Facebook page or Twitter profile. It makes your readers wonder if you really care about their opinions or just trying to make money from your blog. I understand that life can get busy and you can't interact like you want to, and that is okay. But be sure to post or maybe reply to a comment to let your readers (and possible brand connections) know that you do care.

2. Timing is everything. Have you ever published a genius post on your blog and when you go to post in on Facebook, nothing happens? It might not have been the best time of the day to publish your content on Facebook. Generally, the best time to post on your Facebook page is between 6am-8am to 2pm-5pm. I personally sometimes have luck posting between 6pm-8pm. On Twitter, the best time to post is 1pm-3pm. To get more repins, the best time to pin on Pinterest is between 2pm-4pm as well as 8pm-11pm.

3. Share, share, share! If you find something that is relevant to your blog or readers, share it! It shows that you are willing to network with other bloggers and help them out. Plus it allows your readers to discover new content.

4. Know your audience. This is pretty much a second part to sharing. Knowing what your audience is and what they want/like/need allows you to better plan your content, thus creating more engagement on your blog. Don't quote me on it, but it could also lead to more shares from your readers and fellow bloggers.

5. Ask questions. It would seem pretty straight forward, right? People love to chime in with their advice or experience about something. You can also get to know your readers more by asking questions about their favorite movie, what they prefer, or even what their plans are for the weekend. This shows you are a real person and not some posting robot.

While these tips may be out of order, the main idea is to be present- just don't post and forget about it. Interact, engage, and really get to know who your audience is and what they really want.

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  1. Thanks for the tips. I live not in USA areas, so... I have to consider which time is the best to post on my FB page :D


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