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She’s back!

Maggie Kean life is turning upside down. First, there’s her ongoing relationship with the sexy detective, the man who drives her crazy outside of the bedroom and, well, equally as crazy inside the bedroom. Maggie knows that her feelings for Sam Villari have grown way past anything she’s ever experienced before, but that doesn’t stop her from fighting it.

Then there’s the ongoing struggle with her father, a man who abandoned her emotionally the day her mother died. But now, years later, he’s reaching out to Maggie, hoping she can forgive him--hoping it’s not too late to get past the hurt and anger to rebuild their bond as father and daughter.

And then there’s the mystery of Kelly Martin, a budding young artist Maggie has taken under her wing. But one night, Kelly’s running scared and it’s up to Maggie, amateur sleuth that she is, to find out what has happened and who is out to hurt her.

It’s a Maggie, mis-adventure at its best--humor, romance, suspense, laughter and tears--all rolled up in one memorable package!

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