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Today's FREE Kindle eBook: Paleo Big Game Cookbook

Get Paleo Big Game Cookbook by Sasha Kendrick for FREE on Amazon. (Prices may change.)

Do you love the Super Bowl? Are you Paleo and thinking of hosting a party? 

This book will make your Paleo Super Bowl party a winner! (Or any party for that matter.) You won’t have to stress or worry about what types of foods to serve as all of the recipes are Paleo-compliant. You can enjoy the game and your guests while eating delicious, healthy food. 

Inside this book you’ll find: 

• Recipes that are Paleo-compliant designed specifically for your Super Bowl Party. 
• Paleo recipes that are fun and tasty. 
• Easy directions and helpful hints to ensure you make the best food possible. 
• Nutrition information for all recipes, so you make the best nutritional choices. 
• Fun and creative ways to make pizza, including meatzza.

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