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Earn extra cash for Christmas!

Last year, we did not have to purchase a single gift because between Twin and I, we were able to amass 2 gifts per person, 2 fun stocking stuffers for each person, and birthday gifts for each other. How did we do it? Aside from entering giveaways, we made some extra cash through Swagbucks, and other survey places.

Some of our favorite places:

Jingit (You get paid to watch videos!!)
Opinion Outpost
Pinecone Research (Only one per household)

Most of these pay in gift cards, except Jingit. You can request a FREE debit card to transfer your earnings to. I have one and use it frequently!

We were able to get over $300 worth of gifts and other Holiday things without needing to spend any of our family's money. You may not be able to get everything off your wishlist, but you can come close!

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  1. A person could always just get another job... Nah. Swagbucks & surveys are much more fun and you don't have to get dressed up.

    slehan at juno dot com


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