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A great source of Vitamin C from V8 V-Fusion® Refreshers! (Review)

What are V8 V-Fusion® Refreshers?
New V8 V-Fusion Refreshers are a light and crisp juice drink with a 20-25% blend of fruit and vegetable juices that come in four delicious – and unique – family pleasing flavors. Made with both fruit and vegetable juices, V8 V-Fusion Refreshers are naturally sweetened, contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and are an excellent source of Vitamin C.

V8 V-Fusion Refreshers are available in four tasty flavors, Black Cherry Berry, Cranberry Grape, Tangerine Passionfruit and Peach Strawberry, providing premium juice refreshments that will make the whole family happy.

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Cranberry Grape & Peach Strawberry
My family has been a big fan of V8 products for a while. In fact, my dad would stop by the store every morning on his way to work and buy a big bottle of V8 to drink during his day. Since he would sometimes have to skip lunch in order to get the work done, he would drink some V8 to get nutrients and energy to continue his day. Neither of them contain High Fructose Corn Syrup, which can have adverse affects to those with sensitivities.

So when I found out I would be reviewing V8 V-Fusion® Refreshers, I was curious if it would still have that classic V8 taste. I got to try Cranberry Grape and Peach Strawberry.

Cranberry Grape- Who knew those two went so well together? We all know cranberries have such a tart taste that you can only imagine eating them at Thanksgiving. But pair the flavor with grape and you have a tarty taste with a bit of sweetness. I couldn't really taste the vegetables, which includes purple carrots and sweet potatoes. This one was definitely a favorite.
Peach Strawberry- For some reason, this one tasted exactly as I imagined it would. You can definitely taste the peach, which I love. I really couldn't taste a lot of the strawberry, although you can tell it's there. This time, I could taste a little bit of the carrots there were in there.

While I loved the Cranberry Grape more than the Peach Strawberry, I liked the fact that neither of them were overly sweet. Neither of them contain high fructose corn syrup, which we know can cause adverse affects to those with sensitivities. It's a healthier alternative to sugary drinks that I don't mind giving my family.

I was NOT compensated for this review. I received the products mentioned above to review. All thoughts/opinions are my own. Your experience may differ.


  1. I love Cranberry Grape juice, I will have to give this one a try!

  2. I think they may have more varieties then just the above--I distinctly remember drinking this and loving it. I still buy and drink it when I am out and about but have to be careful because of the natural sugar (diabetic)

  3. I had both flavors not long ago. Great taste and I feel better that it is a better way to start my day.

  4. (What are V8 V-Fusion® Refreshers) My husband and I have been drinking these for awhile now. They are better for the young children to drink too, I think.


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