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6 Halloween Crafts Roundup

Last week, we posted 6 of our favorite Halloween treats. Do yiou know what also goes well with delicious Halloween treats? Halloween crafts! You (or the kids) can make it as spooky or tame as you want it- which is great for all ages!

For kid-friendly crafts, look for a (K) beside the description so you know that your kiddos can handle the project.

(K)  Egg Carton Bat Craft via Domestic Charm

Spinning Spirits hangers via (Picture by Alexandra Grablewski)

Masquerade Mask: Ice Queen via Klaire de Lys

(K) Glittery Witch Hats via The Dollar Diva

Pumpkin Window Clings via Hershey's

Spooky Paper Cutouts via Country Living (Picture by John Kernick)

Does your family do crafts around Halloween? 

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