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Inococo lets you polish your nails with appliques! (Review)

I love painting my nails, but my nail polish collection is limited in not only colors, but tools and designs.

Incoco takes the guess-work on trying to figure out which color or design you want to go with that day or how long you should wait until it dries. Incoco nail strips are made with real nail polish, and each strip includes a base coat, color, and top coat. Don't confuse them with nail stickers- as nail stickers do not last as long as nail polish strips (or appliques).

Mischief Night
Incoco has dozens of different styles, colors, and varieties available! They offer almost everything from creme to glitter, from designs (some even glow in the dark, which I am getting next!) to even toe pedicure appliques. The colors varieties are endless and they have plenty of collections to choose from. Since I love Halloween, the Mischief Night (Glitter pumpkins) is one of my favorites!

If you love the gel nail polish, they also have a Ready Set Gel! Kit available. The set includes a Ready Set Gel Bottle, GL-15 LED Lamp, Gel & Polish Remover Jar, Prep & Finish cloths, 7-way nail file/buffer, cuticle stick, instructional DVD & brochure, and it also comes with a manicure travel kit.

So if you want to take a break from constantly reapplying chipped nail polish or cut down on drying time, be sure to give Incoco a try! You might just make it your new favorite!

You can find Incoco on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Prices vary, depending on style. But most start at $7.99.

This time, instead of keeping them all for myself, I decided to let Twin try one one, since she loves nail polish
just as much as I do!
Pink Parasol

I got to try 3 different nail appliques from Incoco: Puddle Jumping, Pink Parasol, and On The Dot Tips. I gave Twin Pink Parasol to put on, since she loves pink and I took Puddle Jumping.

Now I hate to compare them to Sally Hansen Salon Effects, but these were essentially MUCH easier to put on. All 10 nails were done in less than 10 minutes without any major screw ups. In fact, they were easier to manage than nail polish and Salon Effects combined. They weren't dried out, and they are super lightweight.
Puddle Jumping (mine)

It was probably one of the easiest nail polish changes I've had in a long time! I didn't get a picture of it, but after I took the picture of my Puddle Jumping nails, I decided to make them look like Spring and put the On The Dot tips on top of the blue- I love it! I love that the tips came with clear strips to put on top, so now it looks like I have a top coat on!

The best thing: No chipping, no drying, and mess-free!

Twin and I have actually been making wishlists of which ones we want next. I think I might go for something shimmery. I love shimmer.

I was NOT compensated for this review. I received the products mentioned above FREE to review. All thoughts/opinions are my own.

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