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Why I will never wear makeup without concealer!

That is me... looking like a raccoon. Here's what happened:

It's almost Springtime, which means I am working on getting my Springtime look together, which includes makeup. Somehow Twin had gotten 2 Total Beauty boxes through the mail about a week or two ago. I noticed it had roll-on shimmer, great for winter. Well, I didn't realize that it was dark, which really shouldn't be a problem for anyone, especially if they just add a little to their eyes, right? What I forgot to mention was that I forgot to put on concealer before putting on the shimmer. And since I hadn't been sleeping well previous to that day, dark circles were residing under my eyes. Without concealer, any dark eye shadow combined with dark circles can make anyone look like a raccoon. Add eye shimmer and you'll look like a raccoon at a disco!

People kept looking at me and I thought, "Do I have something in my teeth?" or "Is my bra strap showing?". One look in the mirror (in daylight, I might add), I was horrified at what I saw! One swipe of a moist towelette, and I just looked like an exhausted woman. Consider it a lesson learned!

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