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Life with anxiety...

Rarely do I ever post intimate details about my family's lives. But I know many people suffer from anxiety and really have no idea how to deal with it.

Twin suffers from anxiety. She could be in a store, and she will suffer from an anxiety attack. Before, she used to curl up into a ball of herself and try to deal with the pain. But then she discovered the great world of writing as a way to cope with it. She eventually came up with The Geeky Nutcase, her blog about living life with anxiety. While some may not find her "geekiness" intriguing or interesting, those living with anxiety might find it riveting.

As a sister, I hated to see her suffer. She wasn't sure how to cope with living with anxiety and there was nothing I could do. So as soon as she decided she wanted to blog, I jumped at the chance to help in every way possible, even if it is only for positive reinforcement.

It's a new blog, but as it continues to grow, I truly believe that she can accomplish anything, even with living with anxiety.


  1. I have anxiety too, and it is so frustrating. Thanks for sharing your sister's experience with us.

  2. I love that she can start addressing her anxiety by talking about it. It won't change the anxiety but may change her feelings about dealing with it.

  3. I don't have anxiety myself, but my best friend does. I think I'll share this with her.


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