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Become a beta tester!

Have you ever wanted to give your opinion on a new product or even be part of a group that gives opinions on new products that aren't even out on the market yet? So did we.

A couple of months ago, Twin stumbled upon Centercode and found out that they were accepting beta testers to help improve new products or existing products by trying them out for a period of time and giving their opinion. While I can't tell you exactly what we've tried out, I will say that it has definitely been worthwhile.

Is it free to sign up as a beta tester? Yes- you will not be charged at all! Is it free to evaluate the products? Once again, you will be able to try out the products free of charge!

What kind of products will you get to try out? I can't tell you that. But according to their website, clients include TiVo, GE, Adobe, and about 50 other companies.

The beta test period depends on the product, company, and requirements although most periods last anywhere from 4-8 weeks. And you can actually choose which projects you want to sign up for! Once the test period is over, you just send the product back (or uninstall the software) and you'll receive an incentive. The incentive may be final products, gadgets, gift cards, and various other rewards.

The only kicker is that you do have to devote the required time to the project. The time requirement depends on the project. You can visit OnlineBeta for more information.

But we have been a part of Centercode since last year and we love it! So are you ready to become a beta tester for Centercode? Sign up now! Note: It will ask a lot of questions (some may be personal) but that is to only find projects that you would truly be interested in.


  1. I love trying out new things. Thanks, going to sign up right now.

  2. Great company. I've beta tested with them (and others) for many years and they are the most professional and organized. Just be aware that if you're selected, a great deal is expected of you in terms of feedback (answering surveys, posting on message boards, etc.) if you want to receive future opportunities. I've gotten to test some cool stuff through them over the years.


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