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It's a birthday!

It's hard to believe that Twin and I turn 28-years-old today. I actually don't feel like I'm 28. Because it's been a hard year, I feel 2 years older than I actually am. But as I said on Facebook, you're never too old to find out what you got for your birthday!

In all actuality, we've been celebrating our birthday for the past week. We went out to dinner last Thursday. We had our annual traditional photos in front of the town tree on Saturday, and we are finishing up tonight! I want to thank everyone who wished us a happy birthday! We sure appreciate it!


  1. Happy Belated birthday to you and your twin. Is it fun being a twin?

  2. Julie,

    It is a blast being a twin! Besides the bond that know one else will ever know, it's like being born with a best friend automatically!


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