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Gift the gift of love with Ornaments With Love! {Review}

In (days until Christmas, it will be Christmas. Can you believe how fast it got here? I was waiting for Halloween to be over with and now that the Holidays are upon us, I am in a little bit of a panic because I need to make lists, budgets, and strategies.

Personalized Computer Christmas Ornament with Christmas Hat
But I also love to take time and just focus on the small things. A great way to bring the family together is through trimming the tree. And what goes on a tree? Ornaments. Each one with it's own history and story. Ornaments With Love can help you build your ornament collection with the finest personalized Christmas ornaments around. They literally have at least 1,000 different designs and styles to choose from. All ornaments have the choice to be personalized with your choice of name (some restrictions may apply).

Have someone who serves our military? Yep, they have Personalized military Christmas ornaments! Do you root for college football? See if they have your favorite college Christmas ornament available! (They have University of Texas- woohoo!). If you love to read, they even have book Christmas ornaments that shows you love for the written word! Have your favorite picture hanging on the Christmas tree with their personalized picture frame Christmas ornaments!

Isn't the Personalized Bear Christmas Ornament in Wreath just adorable?

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You can purchase the Personalized My Sister Christmas Ornament - My Friend - Both Brown Hair for $12.95.

For years, I have been trying to build our ornament collection, but the glass ornaments end up broken and the other ornaments either end up lost or ruined. But as Twin and I get older, we are getting close to starting our own lives and having our own families. So this year, we have started a tradition: buying personalized ornaments with the year and our names. That way, when we do have our own lives, we can each take half of the collection and hang them on our family trees, as a way to show how much we love each other and that no matter how far apart we are, we'll always be together.

So that's the reason I chose the Personalized My Sister Christmas Ornament - My Friend - Both Brown Hair- it symbolizes the bond we have. It came so neatly wrapped, I didn't have the heart to undo the wrapping. And once I did, it looks just as pretty as it does in the picture! Our names are just how I wanted them to be. The ornament itself seems to be sturdy enough to survive a crash to the floor should the kitty decide to check out the Christmas tree this year. It's flat on the back, which will make for great storage!  It even came with a little clear gift bag (that had ornaments dotted on it!) with a small "To" and "From" tag!

I love the ornament and will probably end up ordering more to put on the tree.

I was NOT compensated for this review. I received a FREE Personalized My Sister Christmas Ornament - My Friend - Both Brown Hair from Ornaments With Love to review. All thoughts/opinions are my own.

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  1. I just LOVE personalized ornaments!! My tree has many of them. The sister's one you chose is ADORABLE!!


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