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Zipz Shoes Review & Giveaway Preview

Starting September 10th, you can enter to win your own pair of Zipz Shoes!
It's time for Fall, and that means putting away those flip flops (See ya next Spring!) and bringing out those closed-toe shoes. Now, take a look at your sneakers- are they like mine? Mine are white with very little color. Don't you just want shoes that make not only your outfit pop, but get you noticed?

Adult Lo-Top- Flamez
Zipz Shoes helps you "Change Your Shoes",  "Change Yourself" and "Change Your World". Zipz Shoes are removable and interchangeable shoes. Each Zipz Covers are the same size as any Zipz Souls, making it easy to change your shoes with your outfit and/or mood!

What styles does Zipz Shoes offer? You have your choice of Adult Hi-Tops, Adult Lo-Tops, Adult Zip-Ons, Youth Hi-Tops, Youth Lo-Tops,and Youth Zip-Ons! What Zipz Covers can you get? The variety is great! You can get Army Camo, Demin Blue, Dragon Rose, Grafeeti, Flamez, Skullrose, and much more!

The greatest thing is that they are uni-sex so men and women (boys and girls!) can wear the same size shoe! All shoe sizes are in US.

You can find Zipz Shoes on Facebook and Twitter.

You can purchase Adult Zip-Ons "Dragon Rose" for $54.99.

I love shoes, as I've said before. I love it when they're unique, and make me stand out. So I had a hard time to choosing which shoes I wanted to review. But it's not cool enough for sneakers and sometimes, I just want something I can just zip (haha) on and be out the door, which is why I chose the Dragon Rose Adult Zip-Ons.

As you can tell, the cover just zips on and off! When my feet are swollen, the elastic on the "tongue" makes it easy for my feet to slide in and out. But they are sooooooo comfortable! They're a lot more comfortable than my old sneakers (which are years old), and I could walk a mile in them! The canvas fabric isn't too constricting but with enough stretch where I could wiggle my toes. I actually had 1 person ask me in H-E-B where I got them and I couldn't help but tell her. They go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe, including my New England Patriots t-shirt! Pretty cool, aren't they?

They are definitely great for Fall fashion!

I was NOT compensated for this review. I received a FREE pair of Zipz Shoes to review. All thoughts/opinions are my own.

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