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7 Stress-Free Cleaning Tips!

Sometimes I don't feel like cleaning, especially if I have to do the same thing every day-- but it must be done, right? I would sometimes feel stressed out know what had to be done, so I figured out ways to clean that wouldn't be so stressful!

1. Make a list the day before. Instead of looking around wondering where to start that morning, make a detail list the day before of what needs to done. You will feel more motivated to check things off your list. Nothing like that feeling of accomplishment!

2. Do chores in a different order. What I mean is alternate the less-stressful chores and more stressful chores by doing a less-stress chore, then a stressful chore, and so on. That way you won't be stressing out because all that's left are the stressful chores or you won't feel motivated to do the less-stressful. It breaks up the monotony of doing the same thing over each and every day.

3. Music is your best friend! Mom doesn't listen to music when she does chores, but I have to. My favorite music gets my energy going, which gives me energy to get started. Don't leave the TV on, otherwise you'll be tempted to watch it instead of sweeping. You don't have to listen to rockin' music, just whatever you enjoy.

4. Reward yourself in the middle of the list. When I have tons of laundry or lots of cleaning, I will sometimes feel exhausted or like all of the cleaning is for naught. So in the middle of the the day or list, I will sit down and have a piece of chocolate or something that I enjoy to make me feel more accomplished. It's like a little treat saying, "You've done good so far! Want another piece? Get off your butt and finish!".

5. Ask for help! If someone is around the house and they're not doing anything while you're doing it all, ask for their help! It will get done faster and everything won't be put on your shoulders. If you're asking your children to help, make a game out of it!

6. Put the broom away. If you have a vacuum, don't feel like you have to sweep the whole house with just a broom. Get that vacuum out and vacuum 95% of the house (even the bathroom). It will be easier on your back, and it will go faster. In areas that the vacuum doesn't clean up too well, then you can sweep. If you're vacuum doesn't work well at all, then you can have someone come behind you and sweep. If no one is there to help, sweep up after you've vacuumed the house.

7. Start laundry after you've done the heavy work. No one likes to be doing some major cleaning when they're reminded that they have 5 loads of laundry to do. So when most of the cleaning is done, feel free to start doing laundry. You can sit while the clothes are washing/drying, instead of making the shower look clean. That way, you can wash your own "cleaning" clothes with the other dirty clothes. Our washer/dryer connection is in our detached garage, which makes it hard to clean AND do laundry. So whenever I'm cleaning, I prefer to do laundry AFTERWARDS, that way I'm not constantly cleaning, walking out to the garage, etc.

How do you clean without stressing out?


  1. Wow! I clean constantly and my house does not seems to be clean at all hahah.. Love your tips - especially the music! That's something that drives my chores. Tanks for sharing!

  2. I dislike house cleaning. But with two kiddos it is a daily thing for us. Thankfully, my husband works from home and is a big help. It seems like we are picking up and cleaning up after our kids ALL DAY long. Thanks for these tips!

  3. Great tips! I usually do certain chores on certain day & mostly it works, but sometimes we fall behind :)

  4. I try to work in 10 minute increments. FLYLady says we can do anything for 15 minutes, but I find my day goes more smoothly if I break it down into 10 minutes.

    10 minutes cleaning, 10 minutes working on the blog


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