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Spring Cleaning on the Cheap!

Even though it isn't official Spring until March 20th, I have been on a cleaning kick lately. In the Winter, it's really too cold to get a lot of major cleaning done so things get piled up. But now that the temperature in Texas is warming up nicely, I have been cleaning my butt off. If you're trying to find cheap ideas on how to clean but still get the job done, I think I have a few tips!

Don't PAY for cardboard boxes! Believe it or not, 75% of stores actually throw these boxes away in the trash, when they could be recycling or donating them. If end up driving by your local store and see stacks of boxes beside the dumpster, go in and ask if you can take them. Because some stores pay for the use of their dumpster, ya'll are both actually saving money!

Don't spend money on harsh cleaning supplies! Not only do I have pets, I also suffer from asthma. So sometimes the chemicals from cleaning supplies makes my asthma flare up. Plus I have no desire to make my fur babies sick from all the ammonia and alcohol that's in those pine cleaners. Why not pick up some eco-friendly and/or all natural supplies? It's great for getting those tough jobs done but its better for you, your kids, your pets, and the environment. It might cost more, but in the long run, it will be saving you money because you won't have to buy tons of air freshener to get rid of the smell. (:

For Winter things (like decorations, clothing, heaters), buy clear tubs instead of color tubs. When you put them in storage, you could always write a list of its contents and tape it to the lid. That way, you are not opening each one, trying to find something next Winter! You can see exactly what is in each one. And the best deal? You can get 36gallon tubs for only $8 at Dollar General!

Spring cleaning also means yardwork. I personally don't mow the lawn because Dad enjoys it but I do get out there and clean up the bushes, pick up sticks, and just generally clear out any debris. I know a lot of people hire companies to do that for them. Unless they are not physically able to, have a big yard and no riding mower, or their landlords do it for them, hiring someone to always clean their yard will end up costing a lot down the road. One suggestion is to ask friends and family over for yardwork and a barbecue! You get the yard cleaned and everyone gets to relax with food!

One thing I must stress is that you don't forget to get your air ducts or air conditioners serviced! Summer isn't too far away and blocked air ducts or air conditioners that aren't working properly can actually cause a house fire. If the wiring on the air conditioner has been frayed or damaged during the Winter months, it can cause the unit to overheat or cause sparks. I've been through a house fire before. I don't want any of you to go through the same thing!

So Spring is only but a few weeks away but you are prepared to get tons of cleaning done!

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