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Galison Review

Stationary (besides diamonds) is a girl’s best friend. You could be completely organized and still send the most fabulous-looking letters! 

Galison is your one-stop shop for stationary and organizers! Whether you’re looking to get organized in the office, find an adorable journal, or note cards, you are bound to find something that suits your style! I personally love sticky notes. I use them for everything, from wanting to remember when a movie came on to what I need to look up the next day. They have neat-shaped sticky notes that will brighten up your workspace but help you remember things you need to!

If you love journaling, then you have go to check out their array of journals! For those that write every day, they have a Berry Field Everyday Journal! With 160 lined pages, you can write to your heart’s content! Whenever I go on trips (no matter how short), I like to write down what I experience so that when I go back, I can remember every detail. If you like to do the same, they have a Travel Journal! You’ll find a planning timeline, itinerary, checklist, and oodles of other things to make that trip memorable! 

Note cards are probably the most versatile thing on earth! They’re great for sending love notes, thank you notes, or even notes to just tell someone “hi”! Galison has quite a few varieties of social note cards and correspondence cards! If you love water, floral, or even Monet’s Waterlilies, you can send those notes in style that will have everyone asking you where you got them!

I know that sometimes I have trouble keeping tracking of important dates like anniversaries or birthdays. With Galison’s Perpetual Calendars, you no longer have to forget! It doesn’t go by the year, just by the Month and Day. So just add that important birthday or anniversary next to the day under the month and you’re set!

William Morris Evening Garden Writer's Notebooks
We all want to try and live in a little greener and Galison can help. Galison Green products are produced on 100% recycled paper that are environmentally safe and not to mention cute! You have your choice of Writer’s Notebooks, Note Cards, Notes, and Notepads.  

For those that are little less organized (like me), they have accordion organizers, file totes, business card holders, and weekly organizers. So we may not have the neatest stack of files, but we can sure look cute trying!

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You can purchase the Folk Floral Weekly Organizer for $17.00. Receive 15% OFF any order when you enter the coupon code ZZZ2 upon checkout.

I am not organized by any means. I have a huge Ziploc bag holding important papers in a binder so that I know where everything is. Before I got the Folk Floral Weekly Organizer, I had tons of sticky notes on my wall calendar, reminding me to research this, post that, watch this, and tell Twin that. If it didn’t get written down, I would forget.

So when I was able to review the organizer, I knew that my organization would improve just a bit. I love that there are sheets for each week. I write down the night before what I need to do the next day in order so that I wouldn’t forget. Week over? Tear the sheet off and start all over again! And since there are more than 52 sheets, I will most likely be using it through 2013 as well!

It also has a cute notepad (which is very helpful when remembering last minute details), 1 medium sticky notepad (great for last minute details and sticking it right on the date), and 2 small sticky notepads. It also has a small accordion file right next to the sticky notepads, which I love because it’s great for small notes and papers!

It has helped me so much more organized and I rarely forget something now! 

I was NOT compensated for this review. I received a FREE Folk Floral Weekly Organizer from Galison to review. All thoughts/opinions are my own.

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