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HGG: Socks4Life Review & Giveaway

I love winter (and cold weather). So while the rest of the family is bundled up, I am the only one with fewer layers of clothes. What can I say? The cold doesn’t affect me as bad. However, my feet are a different story. They seem to get cold quite easily. So I am usually on the look for soft, thick, comfy socks. A few years ago (or was it this past year?) I read in a magazine that heat escapes through your head, feet, and hands. They suggested wearing socks to bed to keep some of that heat in. Before reading that, I didn’t wear socks to sleep at all. Now I do, and it does make a difference.

I have a diabetic family member, and I always try to look for socks just for her. And I have! The diabetic socks from Socks4Life are perfect. They not only help with blood flow/circulation and comfort for diabetics, but also arthritis and neuropathy circulation. I might have to get a pair for my mom as well, who has arthritis near her ankles and feet.

Socks4Life has inexpensive socks (believe me, I’ve done some “window” shopping), but their quality is just incredible! If you’re looking for cute, colorful socks, they have those! What about normal crew socks? Yes sir! Work socks? No problem. Okay, you get the picture. They have almost every kind of sock imaginable- even socks for kids!

Now, I’m not a fashion person in every sense of the word. While I try, I can’t seem to get it down in my head that green and red are Christmas colors and not “Go out to the bank and run errands” colors. Or what pants go with this shirt? I guess there’s no better time to learn than now. Socks4Life currently has a page on How to Wear Fashion Socks. Take for instance “ankle socks.” I usually just wore them with my tennis shoes in case I wanted to look cute. Now I see where I went wrong. They suggest this:
“Wear mid-length, knee length, and miniskirts or dresses with this sock: make sure hems are no longer than mid-shin. Too long of skirts paired with ankle socks chop off your legs and make you look stumpy.”
I have calf-length skirt, and wearing ankle socks are a no-no. I have learned my lesson!

They also have pages such as a Diabetes Guide, and a Foot Health & Beauty guide- plus many more!

Buy It
You can purchase your socks from Socks4Life from their website. Prices will vary depending on the type of sock. Most will run about $9.

What I Thought
Now I know I live in Texas and we don’t have harsh winters (except in the panhandle), but the nights do get chilly- especially if you have hardwood floors. When I was able to review their Micro Cozy Women’s Slipper Sock with Aloe, I was all too happy! A cold front had just moved through and it was sort of damp outside. 

Now, I will say I’ve had many slipper socks. While they were what I expected, this particular slipper sock was better! They are amazingly soft, and they have the rubber skids on the bottom so you don’t slip and fall on any solid floor. That works VERY well. I tend to be sort of clumsy, and slipping is what I try to avoid. I can tell you I have yet to fall in these things.

The color I chose was the Black Multi Stripe.

Super cute, right? And super comfortable! The only problem I’ve experienced with these is the fault of my own body. When I was a little girl, I ended up breaking my ankle in 2 places and had to have surgery to fix it, in which they put in metal pins. Well, now that I’m older, anytime the weather changes, that ankle swells up. Little did I know that the same ankle was swollen that night after putting the sock on, and so it became uncomfortable to wear. But like I said- it’s not the fault of the socks. 

I will order more socks as time goes on, and perhaps, get some different colors. One can’t have too many colorful socks, right?

Win It
The people at Socks4Life are allowing one of my readers to win a $25 gift certificate to their store (online)!  To enter, use the Rafflecopter widget below! Comments don’t count as entries, but are welcomed.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
I was NOT compensated for this review. I received a product from Socks4Life to review. All thoughts/opinions are my own.

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