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Holiday Gift Guide

We're helping you get ahead on Christmas shopping with a Holiday Gift Guide and Holiday Gifting giveaways starting on Monday, November 14th!

The Holiday Gift Guide will include only reviews. That way, you're not looking over creation for the gift guide. Last year, I would try to find a cohesive gift guide on some websites but I was so confused, I gave up. So what you'll see here is subjects like: HGG (Holiday Gift Guide, of course): Books- title of book Review. That way all you have to do is look for the "books" label to find what you need.

Holiday Gifting is a total different thing. It will be giveaways! This is where we give you the gifts! The Holidays always put us in a generous mood. Not to mention that with the economy, its hard to get gifts for everyone on your list. We know exactly how that feels. So we want to take some of the burden off of your Christmas list.

Some of the reviews/giveaways will be posted by me (Angela) and some will be posted by Twin (Amanda). You'll get vantage points from 2 different people and get all information you need on a certain item! Sounds pretty neat, huh?

The HGG will run through December 20th while the HG (Holiday Gifting) will end on December 1st, which will be the start of a 2 week birthday event. The birthday event will also include giveaways, but we cannot guarantee that you'll receive the prize by Christmas. Its kind of a "wait and see" thing at the moment.

So are you ready for the Holiday gift bonanza to begin?

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