Apr 13, 2017

Hey, It's Okay!

It's been a while since we've done a "Hey, It's Okay!". Sorry about that! A lot of things have happened that would normally send my mood sour, but luckily, I kept my cool... Sort of.

Did you that it's completely fine...

... Trying to decode when it comes to what guys are thinking. (Long story short, a guy I had dated a while back but we ended up being friends, but still "like" each other, he would go 2 weeks without a text, has now been talking more... Hmm.)

... To gladly take a Star Wars windshield visor from a friend. (I was hanging out with a friend one night when he said he didn't use his Star Wars windshield visor and asked if I wanted it. Uh, yeah, considering I have Star Wars decals on the back window! Granted, they're the Dark Side decals, but still - Star Wars!)

... To take your bra off the second you walk in the house after a long day. (There's nothing better than the minute you get into the bedroom to whip it off and declare the night "over", even if you spend an hour in bed on Instagram.)

... To take a new trail while running and end up almost crawling back to the car just because you thought you could handle it. (That trail at the park whooped my butt! Haha!)

I would have added another one that said "Curse and flip off a person that almost side swipes your car at 40mph because they didn't bother looking before changing lanes" but I'm pretty sure we've all been there before!

How did your week go?

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