Mar 23, 2017

Hey, It's Okay!

Life has a funny way of testing your patience and resistance to temptation, only because it's trying to teach you something. I might have failed in some areas this time!

It's really okay...

... If you partner up with someone you dated over a decade ago (but are now friends) because you both have a great passion for photography (even though I don't have a camera) and you genuinely want him to realize his full potential and help him reach his dream. That's what friends are for right?

... To not be amused for a moment when a Sheriff's Officer tries to lighten the mood in an emergency room, only to find it hilarious hours later. (My sister ended up in the emergency room one night. And she had died her hair red a week or two earlier, and apparently some of the dye rubbed off on the sheet. So while they took her to do testing, a Sheriff's officer walks in, clicks his pen, and says "I'm here to do a report on the blood. Wasn't there a head injury?", gesturing to the sheet. My eyes widened and then he smiles and says, "I'm just joking. I'm just messing with you."... No words.)

... To feel sexy in new glasses. I got new glasses (look for a post about them soon) and I haven't had glasses in over 10 years and I got a new style that I would have never chosen back then. Not only can I see better, I think they make me look more sophisticated and not quite as nerdy, considering I actually had to tape my old glasses just so I could wear them.

... To eat chocolate chips right out of the bag just because it's chocolate and get excited over free ice cream cones. (Leigh, a guy I had dated this past summer but ended up being friends with took me and Twin out for Free Ice Cream Cone Day at Dairy Queen one night and then I found a bag of chocolate chips in the freezer the next day. I couldn't resist having some. What diet?)

So, question - how did your week go?

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