Apr 16, 2016

30's Dating: Why I Won't Use Online Dating Sites

A long time ago, I used dating websites. I was actually successful and went on plenty of dates with guys I had met - even dating someone I had met one one of those websites for 6 months.

As I have gotten older and the news of online dating horror stories (including my own) have filtered into my life, I have come to the conclusion that I will not longer be using online dating websites to find love.


For the longest time, I thought online dating was the only way I could find what I thought would be true love. Of course, I was naive in my thinking. Yes, people can find their soul mates through these dating websites or social media but as I started filling out dating profiles and getting messages from men, I knew I was making a mistake. Most of the messages I received from guys were unsavory and not exactly what I had in mind when I started trying out online dating. That is when I realized that maybe I should go looking for love, instead waiting for it to happen. (Of course, at 31, you fear that you will be forever be alone with your cat since all of your friends are married with kids.)

It wasn't just the crude men that made me leave online dating. When the news of the Seattle mom who was found murdered after going on a date with someone she met online, it left me nervous and scared. Sure, it could happen to even someone you meet at Walmart but her story left such a horrible taste in my mouth that I couldn't fathom going back to online dating.

On a side note, someone who was working on the field across the street flirted with me. He waved and said something about thinking that the huge community Siamese kitty was a dog. Too bad I was shy to walk over and talk to him. He was good-looking! I seriously need to work on my flirting game, apparently.

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