Apr 8, 2014

The Troubles of Online Dating

You're not asking me buy DISH. You're trying to court me.
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It is no secret that I am single. My family and friends (even my Facebook friends) know that I am single and have been since about 2008. Sure, I've gone on dates but nothing has stuck. I won't go into details, unless you want to read a book-long post, but I know some if it was my fault. I wasn't sure what I wanted. But know that I am older, I know EXACTLY what I want in a partner and since I had won a 3-month subscription to Match, I thought I would try my hand at online dating.

I'm no new-comer to online dating. In fact, I had met a previous boyfriend that way, so the concept isn't new to me. But I have to say that online dating is a lot harder than finding someone another way. You slog through dozens of online profiles that either say the same thing or run across a couple of creative profiles. Of course, this is after you perfect your online dating pitch, upload a flattering picture, and pray that you have adequately advertised the person you truly are. If you can't tell, I tend to talk a lot so I usually have to go back and erase something that makes no sense or would freak the normal person out. You don't want to reveal too much, right?

Anyways, days go by and people view your profile without as much as a "Hello, you rock. Let's go out.". You get likes on your pictures, or a wink here and there, but no message. The problem with likes and winks is that you're not 100% sure if they are genuinely interested or just think you're hot enough for a like or wink. Oh, sure you get 1 message out of hundreds of views, but the message contains 1 word. 1 stinkin' word. That 1 word? "Hello.". This isn't a meeting. You're not asking me to buy DISH. You're trying to court me. I don't expect every man to be a great conversationalist. I do that enough for 10 people but when deciding if the first date is going to be worth it, we'll need something to talk about, won't we? If we can't even get past the first introduction, what will happen after that?

I haven't decided if I am going to keep my Match subscription once my the 3 months are up. We'll just have to see if those 3 months were worth it!

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