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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Halloween is afoot and costumes are in need! Luckily, you don't have to choose from what they have in stores like Walmart or Target. There are a couple of websites that have gobs of costumes to choose from with prices so great, you'll wonder why you even tried Walmart in the first place!
Bobble Head Pumpkin- $39.99

At AnytimeCostumes, they sell just costume and costume accessories. But it doesn't stop at Halloween. As their name implies, they have costumes for year-around costume fun! Since Thanksgiving is the next Holiday up, ever had the inkling to dress up as a giant Turkey? Yep, you can get a Adult Turkey Mascot costume! Not interested in Thanksgiving costumes but looking for something that will be a hit in your family Christmas cards? They have quite a few Santa costumes to fit all sizes and budgets. Better yet, have your sibling dress up as a Christmas Tree. But their Halloween costume selection is massive! They have Adult, Plus-size, Childrens', and even Sexy costumes! If you're not wearing a mask or need to add something to make your costume shine, be sure to check out their accessories! You can find pretty much anything!

Another great place to buy that scary costume is Costume Express. Now, they don't offer the vast variety AnytimeCostumes does, but they do have costumes that I haven't seen in other places, like the Plus-sized Tooth Fairy Adult costume. Prices are okay- pretty much the same as Anytime Costumes. The only difference between Costume Express and Anytime Costumes is that Costume Express might have that mask or witches' hat you weren't able to find anywhere else! Costume Express also offers adorable kids costumes that aren't terrifying like the picture shown above. Sure, some of them are scary. I mean, c'mon, its Halloween! But they're not nightmare-inducing.

Adult Black Hooded Cape- $19.99
If you're on a REAL tight budget this year (Don't feel bad. So are we.) but what your child to have a great costume, consider Party City. They offer unique costumes at incredible prices! You can get a Girls' Lil' Witch Costume for only $12.99! Does your little boy enjoy playing Angry Birds? Well, now he can dress like one with the Boys' Red or Boys' Yellow Angry Birds costume. They also have tons of accessories to choose from with prices that are pretty much unbeatable. While you're at it, pick up those party supplies. I wish we still had one in my town because I would be able to get what I need without store-hopping or paying terrible shipping prices.

Are you dressing up for Halloween? If so, what's your costume? I personally am going to be a witch- still have my hat from last year that I didn't get to use. I ended up getting a terrible flu the day before.


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