Sep 17, 2011

Budgetting Without Coupons

Not everyone can shop with coupons. And it happens for various reasons- don't have the resources, know-how, or just don't really care. But there are ways to make a budget without having coupons in the mix.

Tip 1: Don't plan weeks in advance. If you are making a budget, plan for the next week. There are many variables that can keep a person home from work and without sick leave for many, it can put a kink in their weekly budget. If you bought groceries this week that everyone loved and it wasn't real expensive, buy it again. It will keep the grocery budget down, leaving you more for anything else like bills, pet supplies, or those new pairs of shoes your child needs. If you make a budget for weeks in advance and a paycheck comes up short, you'll be racing to figure everything out.

Tip 2: Leave room for the unexpected. Because my Mom suffers from Meniere's disease, we always have to be ready at a moments notice in case we need to take her to the hospital. In most cases, it means someone will have to miss work, or a prescription will need to filled. Another great idea to keep a change bucket/jar/whatever in the house so you can drop spare change in there. Once its filled, take it to CoinStar to turn in then keep the money JUST for emergencies.

Tip 3: Car payment or water bill? No doubt that times are tough. Its getting hard to juggle those bills and you have to choose each week which bills get paid. For us, our water company allows people to "double up" on the water bill and pay a double next month. If you're strapped for cash, pay the more important bills now- water, electricity, rent/mortgage, and car payment. If you get paid weekly, spread them out according to their due date.

Tip 4: Don't discount online sweepstakes. Blog giveaways and online promotions are a great way to win stuff that you can use around the house without having to buy it! There are literally thousands upon thousands of giveaways/promotions floating around every day. You can win cars, checks, even that Halloween costume you kept meaning to buy. A great place to start is Online-Sweepstakes. It is very organized and you can even filter between all sweepstakes or just blog giveaways.

Tip 5: You don't have to coupon. Use social media! One tip that some couponers won't tell you is that you can actually get FREE coupons on places like Facebook or Twitter. How? Some companies will hold promotions to where they hand out free stuff like coupons to an X amount of fans everyday. The hard part is snatching one of them before they're all gone. They go super fast! Another great idea is to just contact the company. Don't have a printer to print their coupon? Let them know! 85% will send you a coupon in the mail.

I won't give away ALL our secrets because some of them are just common sense. But as you see, it is quite possible to save and budget without the use of coupons!


  1. Great tips! :)

    I'm a new follower from the FNF hop. Hope you can stop by

  2. That is really great advice. We just went to the store today, and I walked through the store with a stack of coupons. But my youngest was fussing, and my son was acting up, so we rushed through the commissary without me checking out any deals.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Great tips! I need to get much better about budgeting! Stopping by from the Saturday Blog Hop!

  4. Great Advice! Doing some hopping around tonight...Follow back @ and on facebook @ Join our Wacky Weekend Hop!

  5. Great points! Personally, I like to coupon, but it doesn't have to be as intense as they make it on tv. The internet alone provides a great deal of coupons and all you have to do is a quick search. You should always leave room for variables too.


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